Types of Workshops/Training

Each training is a variation of our basic Walking the Talk values development workshop.  The basic
Walking the Talk values development workshop can be coed or gender specific. Each training
is specifically tailored and fine tuned to address the dominant issues identified in the name of the
training. Our trainings are centered on values development and draw from the Universal
Manhood/Womanhood Model.  Some trainings target specific audiences and are intended to serve that
specific audience, only.  Details are highlighted in a specific training brochures on our web sites Where
ever this is the case.   The Walking the Talk The Road to Manhood number 5, and Walking the Talk The
Road to Womanhood number 6, can be adults only or gender specific including children depending in the
intention of the training and the specific needs.  

Training workshops we  provide:

1. Boyz to Men  (Male Youth)  See brochure ---

2. Girlhood to Womanhood   (Female Youth)  See Brochure ---

3. Mothers Raising Sons  (Female Adults)    

4. It’s a Family Affair  ( Adults and Youths)  

5. Walking the Talk The Road to Manhood  (Adult Males, Male Youth, Adult Females with Sons)

6. Walking the Talk The Road to Womanhood  (Adult Females, Female Youth, Males with Daughters)

7. Know Thy Self

8. Mentoring

9. The Road to Manhood    (Males under the authority or control of the Juvenile Justice System)   

10. The Road to Womanhood (Females under the authority or control of the Juvenile Justice System)   

11.  Building a New You   (Self Development/Empowerment Training for Managers, Supervisors and

12.  Building a New You   (Empowerment/Self Development Training for Employees)

13. The Masculine Trinity   Manhood, Brotherhood and  Fatherhood  (Males)    

14. The Feminine Trinity  Womanhood, Sisterhood and motherhood (Females)   

15. Training for Trainers

   We tailor what we do to meet the specific needs of your target audience.
One Theme
many variations

    Walking the Talk “The Road to Manhood and Womanhood” is a dynamic
    values development workshop  that focuses on improving behavior   by
    elevating the fundamental values that  anchor the proper development
    of males and females in manhood, womanhood and good citizenship.
    The workshop educates and empowers males and females in different
    age ranges, at different stages of development, on the road to
    manhood and womanhood.    

    The basic training is 8 hours and is presented in 16 modules.  Each
    module is a key factor that must be addressed in order to keep the
    variables pertinent in the values development process in their correct
    context.   During the workshop, issues are  addressed that are
    fundamental to all males and females including anger, violence and
    methods for effectively managing them.

    The Innovative use of symbols familiar to males and females beyond a
    fourth grade level, draws clear parallels from the role actions play in
    ongoing personal development. Charts and graphs enable each
    participant to chart their current stage of development in comparison to
    the 16 Tenets. The importance of developing and maintaining strong
    ties within the nuclear and extended family is stressed.

    The concepts of individual “right” and “responsibility” are appropriately
    placed in context within the nuclear family, the extended family and the
    community. The workshop validates the importance of acquiring
    knowledge, and developing the ability to see things as they change
    form. The value of reading, thinking, planning and studying are also
    strongly presented.

    The concept of, “The spirituality of manhood and womanhood” is
    presented as the cornerstone for continuous development in manhood
    and womanhood. Once the spiritual basis is established, participants are
    introduced to the 16 areas that qualify the level and caliber of manhood
    and womanhood. Collectively, these core issues and values called,
    “Tenets,” clearly represent the quality of manhood and womanhood
    when measured against factors like trustworthiness, consistency and
    reliability. Other issues addressed during the workshop include:
    attitudes; the ego; loyalty; honesty; expressiveness; respect;
    obedience; kindness; patience; friendship; brotherhood and sisterhood.

    The training experience is enhanced by the development and use of
    “The Universal Manhood/Womanhood Model.”  The Universal
    Manhood/Womanhood Model is a unique creation of Walking the Talk.
    The model facilitates a holistic analysis of the values development
    process and the cause and effect relationships that manifest themselves
    in behavior.  The model is used to synthesize the ideas and concepts
    presented throughout the workshop and to graphically demonstrate
    various points, ideas and concepts.    The synergistic combination of the
    16 modules/issues, the Universal Manhood/Womanhood Model and the  
    demonstration pieces facilitates clearer, broader understanding of the
    inner workings of the values development process and the unique,
    intimate, specific, journey of each male and female to manhood and

    The workshop is presented in a fast paced, participatory format with
    experiential exercises, discussions and  practical demonstrations.
    Workshop participants must participate in all aspects of  workshop.  
    Tools and techniques are introduced in the workshop that facilitates
    continuous improvements in behavior.  The workshop provides each
    participant with a unique, empowering experience, that clarifies, expands
    and reinforces development in the fundamental values that anchor the
    proper development of manhood, womanhood and good citizenship.

    The workshop is an effective vehicle for teaching values/behavior to the
    full range of the population regardless of race, color, ethnicity or
    national origin. We have textbooks and workbooks to help facilitate the
    development process beyond the initial workshop experience.

                        Making a difference by being the difference

The Purpose: of our variety of workshops

To increase understanding of the idea, concept and practice of
manhood and womanhood.

To put forth sound, logical tools and techniques that facilitate clear,
logical dissemination of information that increases understanding of the
process and practices for the development of manhood and

To show manhood and womanhood are sciences with rules, laws,
formulas and equations, and should be taught as a science.

To show how teaching manhood and womanhood as sciences will allow
the intimate, complex ideas and concepts that delineate them to be
taught to males and females as soon as they are taught numbers and
the alphabet.

To show how the ideas, principles, concepts, tools, techniques and the
Universal Manhood/Womanhood Model anchor every improvement in
behavior no matter how the training processed is framed.

To provide a legitimate framework for continuous values development
that can be used in a wide array of organizations and situations to
elevate the level and caliber of manhood, womanhood and good

To raise the level and caliber of every male and female in their personal
development by empowering them to elevate the values that anchor their

To provide a universal vehicle to promote change on the inside as a
means of promoting change on the outside.

    Target Population:

    Our values anchor what we do and how we do what we do.  The most
    observable part of our values can be seen in our behavior.   In order to
    change behavior we must change the values that anchor the behavior.
    This is true when dealing with children or adults.  Therefore, the process
    by which we teach/facilitate changes in behavior are much the same, but
    not exactly the same for adults and children. We were cognizant  of the
    differences as we developed The Universal Manhood/Womanhood Model
    and the workshops.  We remain cognizant of those differences as we
    continue to develop new materials and methods of teaching.

    The process of values development requires some new information or
    new knowledge. Since all people operate from values,  we target  the
    process of values development, then we focus on the presentation of the
    information or new knowledge to the appropriate age  level, or
    comprehension level of the intended audience.   

    In our experience, the appropriate age for the formal presentation of
    these material in-group settings,  without the presence of a parent or
    guardian is 10 years old. The appropriate age for the formal presentation
    of these material in-group settings with the presence of a parent,
    guardian or counselor is 8 years old.

    We target males and females  8 years old through adults of every age.
    The earlier age at which this new knowledge is introduced into the
    values/behavior development process and practiced,  the greater the
    possible effect on the level and caliber of the values and behavior of the

    Training presentations targeting youth under 19 years old require the
    presence of a parent,  guardian, caregiver/provider  or counselor.

    The presentation of the tools, techniques and Universal
    Manhood/Womanhood model can be augmented or modified to facilitate
    specific presentations targeting empowerment, prevention, intervention
    or rehabilitation.  The model can be used to anchor behavior
    modification processes  ranging from substance abuse, gangs, violence,
    criminal behavior, low self-esteem and the full range of dysfunctional
    behaviors .    

The population is the target.
The Passage
in the Work Place
Workshop 5
Workshop 6
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